JMMcG Core C++ Library.
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JMMcG's Core C++ Libraries.


This library is a C++17, cmake-based build, much of which is a header-only implementation, only the threading portion (PPD) has a source component that generates a library that must be linked.
In core there are files that implement a number of useful features:

Experimental Code.

In experimental there are files containing ideas that I had mucked about with.

Stuff that actually worked & I used:


There are files that are from my NT-based developer days. It contains some quite snazzy stuff, amongst other things:

Stuff that I never finished, so never compiled, or is buggy:

These files are in here.

Doxygen auto-generated documentation.

Browseable HTML is here: HTML docs. Or as a single PDF file.

Example Code.

This is included in the examples sub-directory. Ok I lied - these are unit tests - thousands of the blighters!


Clearly this would be included as part of another project. But it does have certain requirements (on *nix & NT): Build platforms tested:

License & Warranty.

This library is released under the LGPL, with absolutely no warranty, express or implied. Please see the files "COPYING" and "WARRANTY" in the release distribution for more details.

More details.


This code was developed by and copyright of J.M.McGuiness, 1997. Logo ACCU Logo