libjmmcg  build_2011
A C++ library containing an eclectic mix of useful, advanced components.
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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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| \Nip
\NjmmcgLink with -lrt to include these functions
 oNbinary_right_to_leftAn implementation of the binary-right-to-left method of exponentiation for raising a number to positive, integer power
 |oNdynFor types for which operator*() cannot be computed at compile-time, this variant unrolls the exponentiation at compile-time
 |\NmplFor types for which operator*() can be computed at compile-time, this variant computes the entire exponentiation at compile-time
 | \Nprivate_
 oNcpu_timerUse the TSC timer to measure intervals
 | \Nprivate_
 oNenum_tagsConstruct enum-tag values from a sequence of chars, and extract from the tag-value the string that was encoded
 | oNprivate_
 | \Ntests
 | oNcommon
 | \NSWX
 oNfmaThe set of contained classes implements a DSEL that allows one to more naturally make use of the fma() operation using the natural mathematical operators of which std::fma() implements: * and + (or -)
 oNhashersVarious hashing functions
 | \Nprivate_
 oNinfoAll of this stuff is for high-quality error reporting
 oNmsmA meta (or finite)-state machine that can represent UML-style state tables in C++
 oNppdParallel Pixie Dust or PPD is the name of the thread library within libjmmcg
 ||oNany_orderThis namespace is for containing lock types that lock two lockable objects jointly, atomically
 |oNpool_traitsA namespace to hold various traits relating to selecting the specific specialisation of thread_pool they would like
 ||\Nwork_distribution_mode_tVarious models of work distribution
 ||oNclosureClasses related to implementing work within the thread_pool as a closure
 ||oNderefThe execution_context may need extra dereferencing according to the result_type it contains
 ||\Nvoid_chooserHacking to avoid using the full execution_context and create a cheaper, more simple type for sequential use
 | oNasio
 | \Nglibc